Fresh, Tasty, and Healthy

We have a wide variety of local and imported vegetables that add personality to your cooking. Our consistently excellent vegetables can help traditional dishes shine, or put a twist on an old favorite, or make something completely different. If you have questions about how to best prepare certain ingredients, just ask!

Our Selection

As the seasons change, so does out selection. We've given a rough guideline below for the best times to pick up local varieties. Of course, you are always welcome to ask what's in season any time you visit.

  • Tomatoes

    Our Heirloom tomatoes are front and center of our market because they are extremely tasty and highly attractive.

  • Onions

    We carry a range of great onions, and we are one of the few vendors in Eastern NC who stock genuine Vidalia super-sweet onions.

  • Potatoes

    We love our spuds, from local varieties to imported Idaho baking potatoes. From July though the fall, try our local sweet potatoes!

  • Peas and Beans

    We shell maypeas and broad beans on-site, or you can buy them by the pound (or bushel!) unshelled.

  • Salad Vegetables

    Several varieties of spring onions, peppers, and lettuce to make your salads pop. Try some with our dressings for a memorable appetizer.

  • Southern Comforts

    Ingredients for traditional Southern favorites, like yellow squash, okra, sweet potatoes, and more.