Fresh-Picked Goodness

The aim of Grandy Farm Market is to provide a wide range of excellent foods while maintaining a comfortable and interesting atmosphere. We love collecting pictures and trinkets over the years, so you never know what you'll see when you step in. Browsing through our Farm Market is as much entertainment as shopping!

Our Selection

Our selection changes often, usually with the change of each growing season. Below is a fair sample of what we keep regularly, but be sure to check in for special treats and offers!

  • Fruits

    The magic of summer at North Carolina, in food form. Refreshing and delicious!

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  • Vegetables

    Our fresh vegetables add a great range of flavors and textures to your dishes.

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  • Preserves & Dressings

    Our famous dressings add a unique touch to your cooking, especially when paired with our produce.

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  • Sweet Things

    Our bakery is always going, and makes everything from pies to fudge with the best local ingredients.

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  • Kitchenware

    Our selection of beautiful kitchenware will make your dinners the talk of the town.

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