Making the Kitchen Fun

No matter how good the food, presentation always matters. As our grandmothers always told us, "You eat with your eyes first." With our kitchenware, you can be sure that your presentation will be top-notch, attractive and fun at the same time. A lot like a vacation at the Outer Banks, in fact!

Our Selection

We keep a steady selection of kitchenware available throughout the year.

  • Drinkware

    Mugs, glasses, and the like. We like classy drinkware, so if you're looking for a functional souvenir then these are a good choice.

  • Servingware

    For dinner parties, picnics, or just to spruce up your kitchen, we have a selection of attractive servingware that brings out the best in your dishes.

  • Cookbooks

    If you like the taste of the Outer Banks but you have a long way to travel, then these cookbooks are a great way to bring the flavors home.