November 26th!

Don't get us wrong: we love summer. But sometimes a focus on sun and heat means we miss a little bit of the great local cold-weather crops available in October and November. This year, we are staying open until November 26th to take advantage of winter crops available after fall harvest.

Hearty Greens

Local produce available in mid to late fall are typically hearty, perfect when the weather turns crisp and cool. Warm up the kitchen, snuggle up with a loved one, and enjoy a great winter dish with your favorite local winter greens.

  • Collards

    A Southern winter staple, and completely local. Tasty and freshly grown!

  • Cabbage

    Forget soggy boiled dishes, cabbage is versatile and chic. Used in stews, salads, pickles, and roasts, anywhere you need texture and crunch.

  • Broccoli

    A cousin to kale and cauliflower, broccoli comes into its own during the cold season. Beefs up winter dishes in a heartbeat.

Bakery Pre-Orders

If you know you'll have a crowd for the holidays, you can pre-order our famous bakery items to take out some of the stress. Choose when you'd like to pick it up, so you can get it while it's hot. Call us or send an email to pre-order.

  • Pies

    Apple, pecan, sweet potato, and pumpkin pies are always welcome at any table. Fresh and comforting, a sure hit at your party.

  • Fruit Loaves

    Like fruitcake, but lighter and less squidgy. Comes with your choice of fruit mixed with the dough. Grandma would approve.

  • Scones

    With coffee for breakfast? For an afternoon tea? For whenever? We don't judge, we just make them delicious.